The Art of Intuitive Eating
From Gourmet to Simplicity: Ginger Applesauce
Make fresh applesauce any time of the day with this simple recipe. The ginger adds heat and spiciness, raisins add chewiness, and the apples are loaded with texture and fiber. The fresh orange juice squeezed on top adds a wonderful, almost exotic flavor. Many varieties of apples oxidize quickly, so for best results serve right away.

Ginger Applesauce Ingredients: (Serves 2)
4 cups apples (Fuji, Pink Lady, or your favorite), chopped
2 tablespoons raisins
1 and 1/2 teaspoons ginger root, freshly grated
Squeeze of fresh orange juice

Wash apples. Peel if desired. Cut into quarters, removing core.
Chop and put apples and ginger into Vitamix (or blender), or food processor.
Using a slow speed (and with the lid off), press down on the apples with a wooden spoon (make sure not to hit the blades) to get desired consistency.
Or put into a food processor and process to desired texture.
Add raisins and blend to mix.
Transfer applesauce to bowls, squeeze on fresh orange juice.
Serve immediately.

The Little Story: From Gourmet to Simplicity
Looking back over the many years of eating raw food, Rex and I can track our growth by looking at the kinds of foods we've eaten. When we first started this raw food journey, we wanted gourmet raw food meals every day. As the years passed, the need for these heavier, heartier foods became less and less.

Since we've been on a lymphatic cleanse that began in October, simple meals are helping us the most. Just the act of eating an orange can be an amazing experience. As our tastes continue to change, and our taste buds become more accustomed to simpler foods, and our bodies become used to eating lighter foods, flavors and nuances have begun to emerge that we might have missed ten years ago. This has been a totally unexpected development.

Apples Do we still eat gourmet raw foods? Yes, if it's a special occasion, or when people join us for dinner. Then many of our old favorites come out to grace the table, and our company is delighted.

We're so often surprised at how this way of life can lead to new levels of consciousness and ways of eating. Just when we think we've found "the way", another level opens up, one that takes us deeper into healing. These simple and light foods are easiest for the body to digest, and are beautiful allys when going through a deep tissue cleanse.

In 2002 would we have been happy with a bowl of applesauce for lunch? Probably not. We would have wondered what else there was to eat. Now, most of the time, we feel full and satisfied, signs that the body and emotions have adjusted and are content.

The road to health moves ever higher, and food choices keep getting simpler and simpler, yet there'll be many a stop along the way. Rex and I decided when we began to keep the big picture in mind, and this has served us well countless times, bringing us back to our center, to what is true, to what our goals are, and what we hope to achieve.

We're happy to be walking this path with so many of you, Healing Feast friends from around the world who are devoted to living a life filled with healthy, loving goals, and a desire to transform the body into its highest potential. Let us know how you're doing,we'd love to hear from you!

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