The Art of Intuitive Eating
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From Gourmet To Simplicity: Ginger Applesauce
Make fresh applesauce any time of the day with this simple recipe. The ginger adds heat and spiciness, raisins add chewiness, and the apples are loaded with texture and fiber. The fresh orange juice squeezed on top adds a wonderful, almost exotic flavor.

Young On Raw: Savory Jicama Appetizers
Here's a unique and delicious appetizer to serve at a dinner party to awaken the appetite and delight the tastebuds. It would also make a lovely little side dish to enjoy, or a light lunch or dinner. Jicama makes a sturdy base to hold the piquant, herbed toppings, and it's crunchy, mildly sweet, and juicy.

Black Stallions: Almond Persimmon Cookies
These cookies have a delicate flavor which provides a perfect base for a mouth-watering, delicious blueberry sauce that's heated on the stove and then spooned on top. Serve on pretty plates or bowls, and enjoy every last bite!

Living Without Excess: Homemade Trail Mix
This yummy mix of nutrient dense, high energy nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, makes an easy snack, great travel food, or a late night treat while watching a movie. The crunchy-chewy, salty-sweet combinations are delicious, and a small handful is surprisingly filling. A teaspoon of oil and honey coats everything so that the salt will stick (so less is needed), which adds to the flavor. Just about any combination of fruits and nuts will make a tasty trail mix, or "gorp" (good old raisins and peanuts).

Cleansing the Consciousness: Curried Kale Chips
When the craving for crunchy munchies hits, we turn to healthy kale chips. They are easy to make, and in a couple of hours, crispy, flavorful bites of nutrient rich snack food are at our fingertips! The first time we made them we were surprised to find that most of the strong kale flavor disappeared during the drying process.

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