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Restoration: Pumpkin Seed Milk
This milk is so easy to make, tastes yummy, and Rex and I find it restorative. Simply soak dry seeds in water, and let them sprout for another day. Blend with dates, and your milk is ready to go. Delicious by itself, or add to smoothies, or top off teas that do well with a little milk.

Listening to my Teeth!: Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie
Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie delivers sweet delicious taste, with a very mild green flavor—so it’s easy to drink in all that green goodness! And like most recipes on The Healing Feast, it takes only minutes to prepare. Enjoy the creamy, velvety texture from the mango, and the energy boost that mineral rich green smoothies bring.

Weekend Restoration: Juice and Smoothies!
People often ask, which is better, juice or smoothies? For us, they’re both amazing, wonderful, delicious, and oh-so-good! When we want a meal that includes fiber, we drink a smoothie. When we need to boost our energy or hydrate, we drink juice.

Mountain Waters: Living Apple Water
We have started to drink this vitalizing drink made by soaking sliced apples in filtered water, and we love it so much! The flavor is delicate, with a hint of sweetness, and a mild fragrance. It’s very hydrating first thing in the morning after the night’s natural fast

Temple Food is Near!: Apple Ginger Lime Blast
Seasonal, juicy-fresh apples are in their prime here in the North, and this juice takes advantage of the bounty. Apple-Ginger-Lime Blast packs a punch from the spicy ginger and the tangy lime juice. It’s a potent, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory drink that will revive the body and clear the mind!

Morning Health: Beautiful Morning Juice
This delicious, power-packed green juice helps us start the day with the best kind of energy, and fuels our activities for hours. Freshly made juice and raw foods, coupled with daily exercise, makes a winning combination.

Raw Inspiration!: Morning Ambrosia Berry Smoothie
Delight in this utterly scrumptious smoothie that’s loaded with powerful antioxidants from health-boosting strawberries, marionberries, cherries, and raspberries. Simply throw everything together with some bananas into the blender, and in sixty seconds you’ll have a mouth-watering, fat-free, delicious, energizing meal or snack.

Raw Food Benefits: Green Smoothies Revisited
Green Smoothies Revisited Beautiful emerald green smoothies are luscious, tasty, and so easy to drink and digest. They're fun to make and simple to create all kinds of variations using your favorite greens and fruits for nutritious, light meals or snacks.

Good Things That Last: Gazpacho Juice
This refreshing juice, made with carrots, tomatoes, celery, and cucumber, is delicious to drink plain, and also makes an awesome base for gazpacho soup.

Dreaming of Summer: Luscious Smoothies
We are drawn to foods that are the colors of the rainbow. Smoothies, infused with fruits or greens, a little almond milk or fresh pure water, simply burst with flavors and tastes. Their colors - emerald, rosy pink, golden yellow - are like rays of prismatic light, and bring the colors of sunlight into our lives, any time, any day.

Leverage: Grape, Nectarine, and Plum Smoothie
Fall is already here and it seems all too soon after another unusually short summer in northwestern Washington. Yet, there are still some delectable fruits in the stores, such as grapes, nectarines, and plums, to name a few.

A Channel for Love: The Power of Juice
We'll never again doubt the power of fresh juice! Now we have a way to juice without spending 20-30 minutes preparing and juicing heaps of veggies. Plus there's almost no cleanup to do. This juice is mild, and feels better in our bodies than undiluted, full throttle juice.

Gratitude: Pineapple-Parsley-Citrus Juice
The chill of November hasn't dampened our love of fresh, raw juice. Recipes are being tested, and this is one of our new favorites. The colors of the pineapple, lemon, lime, apples, kale, and parsley, provide visual stimulation during preparation, and the aromas are enticing as I anticipate a delicious, healthy drink.

EMF's: Wonderful Watermelon Juice
This has got to be one of the simplest, most delightful, sweet beverages on the planet! It's watermelon juice made from just watermelon. And it's not even juiced, but blended, so it comes out thick and luscious.

Faerie Wells and More: Carrot Tahini Ginger Drink
This diluted juice, made with carrots, ginger, yam, and tahini, makes a delicious drink that's more filling than regular juice. The yam and tahini bring exotic flavors to the mix. We often enjoy it in the afternoon because it staves off hunger until it's time for dinner.

The Gift of Time: Saturday Morning Breakfast
This particular morning, we wanted something warm and comforting for breakfast. With intuition guiding us along, the idea soon camea warmed carob drink, with a plate of sliced bananas and avocados, whose flavors mingle in an unexpected and uniquely delicious way.

Transformational Living: Power Smoothies, Oh My!
We have two favorite smoothies: one that's nourishing, easy to digest, and loaded with EFA's, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and protein. The second drink we've dubbed "body food", because it's a pure protein power kick that keeps us going strong for hours and helps us move through our day with energy, mental clarity, and grace. It's not as flavorful, but wow!

Making Kefir: Strawberry Lassi
Kefir grains originate from the Caucasus mountains, and have been used for thousands of years to make a tasty, health-giving drink. Mixed with nut milk, we've added strawberries, banana and apple—a touch of agave and cinnamon really bring out the strawberry flavor!

Hydrating the Body: Fruit Waters
Fruit waters abound with beautiful colors and delicate, delicious flavors and aromas. They refresh and hydrate the body without the high glycemic content of straight fruit juice. Try these simple blended fruit juices made with mostly water and a couple handfuls of fresh fruit.

Amazing Rejuvenation: Easy Wheat Grass Juice
Intuition guided me the other day to make a simplified form of wheatgrass juice with the blender. I used about 1/3 of the small flat of grass we'd gotten from the grocery store, cutting the blades into small one inch pieces, then blending with water.

Visionary Farmers: Full Spectrum Seed Milk
A super nutritional, full spectrum, blended seed milk made from pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, hemp, and chia seeds that combine to create a protein rich, filling, and soothing drink. The first time we made it in a berry-banana smoothie, we could feel its strength and power!

Start Where You Are: Healthy V8 Juice
The old standby, V8 juice, can be easily recreated using fresh and lively ingredients. Tomatoes, carrots, celery, chard, green onion, parsley, cucumber, and beet, combine to make a vitalizing, cleansing, and building juice.

Personal Storms: Soothing, Calming Tea
...It is during these times, and other moments of stress that we look for comforting, warming foods. We have created a tea, made with herbs and spices, that has become our house specialty—it’s truly calming, warming, spicy, and just plain delicious.

A Life Without Fear: Sweet Treat Tea, Reviving Juice
Here are two easy to make, delicious drinks that will be appreciated when energy slacks - they're sure to revive and bring comfort, to restore the body and emotions before heading out to the next event.

Everyday Spirituality: Sun Tea
Watery infusions, made in the sun, gently draw out the properties contained in teas, fruits, herbs or spices. The waters become soft, and are filled with delicate and subtle flavors that are light years away from sugary sodas, or bottled juices.

Superfood Breakfast: Strawberry Smoothie
This brought back memories of a beautiful time spent plucking rosy red berries from the warm, fertile earth. I mixed the berries up with almond milk and some strengthening superfoods, and teamed the smoothie with slices of our buckwheat bread (complete in all amino acids), topped with nut butter and creamed honey.

Part 2: Energy in Food: Sprout Juice
Who would have thought that a juice made with sprouted mung beans, apples, celery, lime, and ginger, actually tastes good? We've found that it makes an exceptional drink that imparts a lively spring to our step. The ingredients for this recipe would also make a great salad. Simply chop and slice everything as shown in the photo, and squeeze fresh lime juice on top.

Restoring the Teeth: Silica Tea
We've read and heard that an herbal mix of nettles, oatstraw, and horsetail (shown below) are reported to have exceptionally high sources of natural silica (and other nutrients) that are very good for the teeth and bones. And, as the stories go, we heard that this mix can help teeth to heal from decay, and that they might even regrow! We'll see. I have a tooth that has broken off, and maybe, just maybe, it will be able to regenerate.

Fields of Gold: Rejuvelac Made Easy
We enjoy a mildly tangy, lemony tasting, enzyme-rich drink called rejuvelac, that we first learned about in Ann Wigmore's book, The Sprouting Book. It's made from wheat berries in three easy steps—soaking, sprouting, and fermenting. From start to finish, a quart can be made in 36-48 hours, and we've found that the wheat berries can be reused again and again. Use rejuvelac in soups and smoothies, or drink between meals to flood the body with friendly flora, vitamins, and enzymes.

Liquid Light: Better Than OJ
This lip smacking drink is so good for us, it's like drinking liquid sunlight! We make this fiber-rich, thick juice from a full-spectrum mix of health enhancing citrus fruit: orange, lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple. Lime is good to use too.

Just for Love: Our 7 Day Juicy Feast!
For us, juice feasts are nature's medicine—the body becomes rehydrated, and receives ample caloric intake so the metabolism stays active. The body is literally flooded with nutrients, restoring what's been missing, along with the benefits of cleansing.

Lifting the Spirits: Honeybush Chai with Almond-Date Milk
Sweet and spicy ingredients warm us on lingering cool spring days that seem to never end. This is the time of year when we all get a little stir crazy for summer to start. The warming spices and the warmth of the tea are a calming balm for any time we need a lift.

On The Go: Hemp Seed Nut Milk
Lately, we've been enjoying energizing hemp seed nuts. They have a mildly nutty, somewhat earthy flavor, and are nutrient-rich with easily assimilated edistin protein, considered to be the backbone of DNA. Hemp seed nuts contain an abundance of Omega 3 EFA, much like those found in flax seed, or fish oils.

Courage: Luscious Banana Smoothie
Bananas are a natural source of carbohydrates, and combine with nutrient dense bee pollen, and chia or hemp seeds, both of which are high in the essential fatty acids and protein that we need. Blend in seconds for a silky-smooth, and satisfying smoothie!

Back to the Wild: Apple Juice with Lemon and Ginger
Now that it's apple season, we're enjoying eating them daily. Their aroma emits a perfume that floods the kitchen—nothing like the apples in the grocery store coolers. We love the refreshing tangy sweetness of sliced apples, or as juice—enjoyed plain, or with lemon and ginger, or greens.

Tools for Living: Sprouted Almond Milk
Almond milk is rich and creamy and tastes amazingly good with our granola. The milk is loaded with enzymes, heart healthy vitamins, minerals, and more. You can blend the milk with a banana and a few shakes of nutmeg to create a "raw nog", or top off steaming cups of chai tea for a delicious drink. Enjoy it plain, in smoothies, soups or dressings for added nutrition.

©2007 Janet L. Doane. All rights reserverd

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